Lives in a Box

Welcome to Lives in a Box is a collective and place holder for the following web sites and projects. If you have any questions about the things you see here or if you see an error or two, feel free to contact me here.
Crazy For Friends is the main feature on this site. It's a fan site for NBC's sitcom Friends. I created the domain to hold it, so I spend the most amount of time on this. It's by far the most popular project on the site, and my favorite to work on.
Idiot in a Box is a placeholder for the fanlisting's I've joined and created (most which are Friends related). If you don't know what a fanlisting is, you can visit the official site at This is a fun little hobby I enjoy, and its highly addictive once you get into it.
This section was just started because I wanted to play around with Movable Type and other scripts like that. I'm having the hardest time keeping up with it, and its the lowest on my priority list. It does have a few funny little reading stories, so you might want to check it out

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