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Rachel Green

Rachel Karen Green is a spoiled child who has always gotten her way since she's been her father's princess. In the pilot episode we got to know her as a woman who abandoned her fiancée at the alter because she thought he looked to much like mr. Potatohead and because she thought she liked their weddinggifts more than her husband to be. What she really was doing was to make her parents understand that she wanted to take care of herself and that she no longer wanted other people to look after her.
She has come a long way since.
She moved in with Monica with whom she went to High School with, in the spare room that Phoebe had lived in before. She started to work in the coffeehouse -Central Perk as a waitress who never gave people what they really ordered.
After a couple of misses in her love life, she finally got together with Ross and they were together for a year before they broke up mainly because of Ross' jealousy and that she had become obsessed with her new, great job in fashion, at Bloomingdale's.
Rachel has become more "down to earth" since the first season, but one can still see the rich girl from time to time. Rachel is a loving person who thinks highly of her friends and she totally depend on them.


Monica Geller

If it weren't for her friends, Monica would have given up dating a long time ago. She is a veteran when it comes to men, Phoebe once said that "there have been a lot...". She has been hurt a couple of times and she was really hurt when she broke up with Richard Burke (Tom Selleck), but her optimism and belief in love made her try loving again and again...
She is now involved with Chandler and they seem to overcome most problems and disputes that come up.
Monica and Ross are siblings and to their parents Ross is the perfect son. Monica on the other hand, has a hard time to get along with their mother. She shares the apartment with Rachel and she is a head chef at a restaurant.
Noone is as anal and pedantic as Monica is. She totally freaks out if someone for example should leave a glass on the table without a coster, but she is a nice woman to whom the most important thing is to be the hostess in every occation. She's motherly, responsible, easy to talk to, and someone who is there for you, even if it's at 3 am in the morning. Monica is loyal and listens to you. Monica is very organzied, yet cool.


Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe is the more openminded person in the group. She is a little spacy but lovable. She used to work as a masseus until she got fired for flirting a little too much with one of her clients. Phoebe had a tough childhood. Her mother killed herself when Phoebe was 14 and Phoebe's father had left the family long before. The only person she could rely on was her grandmother.
Phoebe has a twinsister -Ursula, with whom she doesn't have any contact and she wishes for it to stay that way. The audience have met Ursula a couple of times, when Joey dated her for a short while and when Phoebe learned that her real "birthmom" actually was someone else than the person she grew up thinking was her mother.
In the third season Phoebe learned she had a brother, Frank Jr. and in season four she agreed to be the surrogate mother for Frank's and Alice's babies.
Phoebe is kind and the most important thing to her is honesty. She used to live with Monica, but Phoebe could't stand that Monica is so incredible anal, so she moved in with her grandmother. But like the others, she spends more time at Monica's and Rachel's and Central Perk than in her own apartment.
Phoebe is wellknown for her special singing witch doesn't appeal to everybody. She usually performs in Central Perk


Joey Tribbiani

Joey Tribbiani is half-Italian and he is Candler's roomate, living across the hall from Monica and Rachel.
Joey is doing everything to catch his big break on the screen, his biggest "gig" being Dr. Drake Ramorey in "Days Of Our Lives" on TV. Joey's idol is Al Pacino and he would give anything to be more like him. Joey isn't that interested in culture, he's more into women. Joey loves women, sports and New York. He is goodlooking and he is somewhat of a macho. He truly loves his friends and his big family, concisting of him and his seven sister, mom dad and grandmother.


Chandler Bing

Chandler Bing shares his apartment with Joey. He is working on a computercompany but with something noone really knows. Chandler is good in observing his friends. When it comes to love Chandler has always been afraid of commitment whitch has been proved in the past. Now he is involved in a relationship with Monica and he seems to be just fine with handling that.
Chandler has an enormous sence of humour.


Ross Geller

Ross Geller is Monica's older brother. He has got a son named Ben that his ex-wife, Carol, is raising with her wife Susan who Ross is having trouble accepting. Ross is intelligent, appreciated and romantic. Ross has been married twice, both failed and he has during season five been extreamly pessimistic about love and life.
Ross and Rachel were dating for one year, but that ended when he slept with another woman because he thought they were on a break.

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