The One Where Chandler Tells

Written By: Ilona

This is my third fanfic it's a continuation of "TO Where Chandler Has a Problem" and I took a part of the second fanfic to refresh your memory about what happend then. Feel free to E-mail me anytime, enjoy.
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May 2000

(From where we left of in the second fanfic)

Monica: Don't cry Chandler. You made a mistake, people make lot's of mistakes

Chandler: Yeah well I made the worst one ever

Monica: We can fix this together

Chandler: Monica, I really wanna do that, but could you not tell the others. Yet

Monica: That's fine for now, you tell it when your ready

Chandler: Thanks

(Monica hugs Chandler tightly for a while)

Monica: We're gonna get trough this Chandler, I'm sure of it. You can count on me

Chandler: I really appreciate it that you're doing this to for me.

Monica: No problem. But I do think you have to rest now because you still took a few sleeping pills.

Chandler: You're right.

Monica: And I also think you have to quit smoking

Chandler: Well with your help I'm sure I can, I'm gonna rest now if you don't mind

Monica: No go ahead, I'll be across the hall if you need anything

Chandler: Oke

(Chandler goes to his bedroom and Monica leaves the guys apartment)

(The next day)

(Monica is the only one in her and Rachel's apartment. Rachel, Ross, and Phoebe are working and Joey is doing the audition. Chandler walks in)

Monica: Hey Chandler sleep well

Chandler: Well my head really hurts and feels warm, but I'm better than yesterday

Monica: I'm glad you are. Let me feel your forehead. Yeah it's still warm, do you want me to make some soup.

Chandler: If it's not all to much trouble

Monica: Not at all I like to take care after sick people

Chandler: Why's that?

Monica: Sick people are so cute

Chandler: So you think I'm cute

Monica: Ofcourse you are

Chandler: You really think so

(Monica goes over to him and kisses him on the cheek and heads to the kitchen)

Monica: So what kind of soup so you want

Chandler: (still thinking about the kiss) Ehm what

Monica: What soup do yo want

Chandler: I don't mind. They all taste good.

Monica: Why don't you lay down on the couch the blanket is in my room

Chandler: Oke

(Chandler heads to Monica's room and spots a picture of Monica and him in London, he starts thinking about the one night stand they had in London. He stands there thinking for a while)

Monica: Hey what are you doing

Chandler: Ehm uhm oh I was wondering why are you keeping this picture of us here

Monica: Ehm well no reason actually

Chandler: since there's no reason why don't you keep a picture of all of us in London here

Monica: I don't know I just liked the picture

(Monica walks out of the room and to the kitchen. Chandler puts the picture down and follows her)

Chandler: Look Monica I'm still thinking of that night in London. It was one of the best nights I ever had

Monica: Chandler we both agreed that it was just a one night stand and that we wouldn't speak about it.

Chandler: I know we did, but lately I've been missing you and not only as a friend but as something more

Monica: Chandler don't say these things. We're supposed to be best friends and nothing more

Chandler: I knew you say would that!

(Chandler storms out of the apartment)

Monica: Chandler wait!!

(Chandler doesn't stop and goes in his apartment and sits down, Monica enters a few seconds later)

Monica: Chandler don't do this to me it's not fair

Chandler: What's not fair that I admit my feelings to you or that you know it's true

Monica: Chandler I.... look I'm willing to help you but if you don't accept that we're just friends than I think it's the best that I don't

Chandler: Fine!!

Monica: Fine!

(Monica walks out to her apartment)

Chandler: Oh my gawd what have I done. I'm just breaking the best friendship I ever had. I've got to fix this, but not right know I let her on her own for a while so she can think.

(Chandler walks to his bedroom and comes out with a pack of cigarettes and lights one. He takes a drag and blows it out and sinks in his chair. Then Monica re-enters the guys apartment)

Monica: Chandler do you still want....Oh my gawd you're smoking again. Dammit Chandler

Chandler: Monica, it's not what it looks like

Monica: Oh no what are you doing then

Chandler: I just couldn't resist it.

Monica: You still have a fever and now you smoke. I just wanted to ask you if you still want to have some soup but hey what the heck dead or not I don't care anymore

Chandler: You don't mean that Monica, you don't. It know smoking is not the right thing to do know, but I can't do this alone. You have to help Monica, please Monica.

Monica: If you're sure about that then show it.

Chandler: Oke I will, wait here

(Chandler walks to his room and grabs another pack of cigarettes and the sleeping pills. He then walks to the bathroom and grabs all the boxes with medicine in it)

Chandler: Here take all this stuff so that I can't take them anymore

Monica: You're sure Chandler

Chandler: I'm 100% sure, just take 'em.

Monica: oke

Chandler: I really want to get better and that's why I'm telling everybody tomorrow about what really happend, and I hope you'll help me with that

Monica: Ofcourse I'll help you with that

(Monica walks over to Chandler and hugs him. The scene fades)

(The next day Chandler talks to the gang in Central Perk)

Chandler: Guys I want to say something

Ross: sure

Joey: What about

Chandler: Well I...

Monica: Go on Chandler it's better to tell them

Chandler: Lately I've been taking to much sleeping pills and got addicted to them., That's why I was so tired all the time. And I also started to smoke again, because I couldn't handle things at work anymore.

Rachel: Oh I'm sorry Chandler, you oke now

Chandler: I'm oke now, but thanks to Monica

Phoebe: Why's that?

Chandler: If she didn't find me I would be dead now

All: Dead!!??

Chandler: Yeah when I took a few extra sleeping pills a few days ago I had a fever and the extra pills I took where to much to the ones I already took the days before

Rachel: Whow

Chandler: But I'm not taking them anymore and Monica is gonna help me with that

Phoebe: well you choose the best person to that

Joey: Yeah I agree

Rachel: And what about the smoking thing

Chandler: Well I'm gonna quit that as well

Ross: Whow Big plans huh

Monica: Come on it's not funny

Ross: Sorry

Chandler: I think I go now so I can call the office and tell them I'm not going to work for a while

Joey: You're right

(Chandler leaves)

Phoebe: I had no idea

Rachel: So did I

Monica: But he's going to be fine now

Ross: Yeah as long as you take care of him I'm sure

Monica: What is that supposed to mean

Rachel: he doesn't mean it that way, it's just you're a mother figure and you always take care of us.

Monica: Yeah well, hé Joey how did the audition go

Joey: It was great, they even want me back for a second audition.

Ross: hey great

Phoebe: what time is it?

Rachel: Two O'clock

Phoebe: I have to go I have an appointment, bye

All: Bye

Monica: I'm going shopping, see you all tonight

All: yeah bye

(Monica leaves and goes to her apartment to make a list of what she needs)

Monica: The list is done now my wallet. Where did I leave my wallet

(Chandler enters)

Chandler: Oh hi

Monica: Have you seen my wallet

Chandler: No, why

Monica: I have some shopping to do

Chandler: Well you can lend some money from me

Monica: oke, if you don't need it right now that would be great

Chandler: I'll even help you shopping

Monica: oke

(Chandler and Monica leave the apartment to do some shopping. The next month goes by and Chandler and Monica do a lot of stuff together. It begins to bother a bit by the others)

Ross: They really spend a lot of time together nowadays.

Rachel: Yeah, you know how she always makes breakfast, but now she doesn't anymore

Phoebe: And she never has time to talk anymore

Joey: Yeah! and I never get to hang out with Chandler anymore, like going to a game or so. He always has to go somewhere or he is with Monica.

Phoebe: I think they grew a lot closer these days

Rachel: I'm sure

(Than Chandler and Monica enter laughing)

Monica: Oh hi guys

All: Huh Hi

Chandler: What's the matter?

All: Nothing

Ross: Are you two doing anything tonight, because we're going to see a movie after dinner

Chandler: Well actually we were going to celebrate that I didn't smoke for a hole month now and the fact that I'm getting better

Rachel: How

Chandler: I'm taking Monica to dinner

Joey: So we have to make or own dinner then

Monica: Yep

Ross: Fine! Let's go to my apartment

All: Yeah. Fine

(They all leave except for Monica and Chandler)

Chandler: Whow do you think we spend to much time together, lately

Monica: Well I like spending time with you

Chandler: Me too, and the fact that that's helping me

Monica: so let's go to dinner, where we going

Chandler: I don't know, why don't we figure of something on our way out

(He grabs her hand and Monica is surprised by this, she looks at him and he looks at her)

Chandler: What, what is it

Monica: Well, my hand

Chandler: Oh I'm sorry I didn't

(He quickly let's go of her hand)

Monica: I know

(Monica grabs Chandler's hand and leads him out the door. You see them walking in the city and talking, they already eat)

Monica: Dinner was good, wasn't it

(Chandler doesn't hear what Monica said, because he's looking to the stars and thinking)

Monica: Chandler

(He still doesn't hear her, she decides to grab his hand, he than looks at her)

Chandler: What is it

Monica: I asked you something

Chandler: I'm sorry I didn't hear you

Monica: What were you thinking

Chandler: Well how my life has bin so fare

Monica: So how has it bin

Chandler: Not how I supposed to think it should be

Monica: How's that

Chandler: I always thought that I didn't make such a bad mistake as I did a month ago

Monica: But you got better, didn't you

Chandler: Yes I did, but I still blame myself for it

Monica: You shouldn't do that, it only makes you feel miserable and I don't want to see you miserable again.

Chandler: I can't promise you that

Monica: Well you have to, because I can't always be there for you in the future

Chandler: I wish you could be, you helped me already with so much in my life

Monica: Thanks, I guess

(Chandler and Monica walk, still hand in hand, to the beach and sit down on the sand, Chandler sits in front of her and is holding her both hands in his now)

Chandler: Look Monica I want you to be a part of my life not just now but for always

Monica: I..I..don't know what to say Chandler I..I..

Chandler: Don't say anything, let me finish. I know we're best friends and we known each other for years now, but that night in London meant so much for me that I regret it that we didn't go through with it when we got home.

Monica: You probably don't gonna believe what I'm going to say now, but I thought of the same thing when you picked up the picture from my room and the things I said about being best friends I just said that to protect myself to not admit my feelings to you.

Chandler: So what do you say about us

Monica: well I'm willing to give us a try

Chandler: So that does mean I can kiss you now

Monica: Yes it does

(Chandler gets closer to Monica and kisses her on the lips, he then stops the kiss)

Chandler: I don't know why we wasted all this time, but it was worth it

Monica: I agree with that

(Monica pulls him closer to her face and starts kissing him passionately)

                                                                To be continued

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