The One Where Chandler Has a Problem

Written By: Ilona

This fanfic has nothing to do with my first one. I hope you enjoy this one as much as you did by my first fanfic. In this fanfic Monica and Chandler aren't together. That's al you need to know for now. I'm a huge fan of C&M, I think you already discovered that in my first fanfic.
Disclaimer: These characters don't belong to me blah...blah...

May 2000

(Scene: Monica + Rachel's apartment, everyone is there)

Ross: So what are we going to do tonight, any ideas

Joey: Yeah I have one! We could play strip poker!

All: No! Not again!

Joey: all right it was just a suggestion

Phoebe: Why don't we let everybody say a thing they like and than we vote for it

Monica: great idea, who goes first

Joey: I'll go

Monica: No! You had your turn, Ross you go

Ross: Uhm, We could go see a movie

Monica: Phoebe?

Phoebe: Why don't we stay at home and play twister or spin the bottle

Monica: Rachel?

Rachel: Well a movie sounds good

Monica: Chandler any ideas

Chandler: Well I can't stay tonight because I have to work in half an hour

Monica: It's saturday Chandler, you never work on saturdays

All: Yeah, come on it's saturday

Chandler: I'm sorry I really can't

(Chandler gets up)

Chandler: I've gotta change now, maybe tomorrow, bye

All: Bye

(Chandler leaves the apartment and goes in his and Joey's apartment)

Ross: What's with him he never works on a saturday

Joey: I know. He's been acting weird all week

Rachel: What do you mean by weird

Joey: Well yesterday I saw him buy cigarettes.

Monica: He smokes again!

Phoebe: Than he has a problem because he never smokes only when there's something very wrong

Ross: Yes that's right

Rachel: So why don't we ask him tomorrow, meanwhile let's not spoil or night.

Ross: Yeah oke let's go to the movie

All: Yeah. Oke

(They all leave for the movies)

(Next day there all eating breakfast at Monica and Rachel's apartment, Chandler looks really tired)

Joey: Hey Chandler how was work yesterday, I didn't hear you coming home last night

(Chandler is one with his thoughts and doesn't hear a word Joey just said)

Ross: Hey Chandler! Joey asked you something

(Chandler scares up)

Chandler: Huh what ehm I...I'm sorry

Monica: Chandler what is going on

Chandler: Nothing I'm just tired that's all

Rachel: Yeah well, we're all tired it's the end of the week you know

Chandler: I know

(Chandler gets up)

Phoebe: He we wanna know what is going on, don't leave now!

(Chandler sits down on the couch scared by the words Phoebe said)

Joey: Yeah, I saw you the other day buying cigarettes, are you smoking again?

(Chandler doesn't say a word)

Monica: Chandler answer the question!

Chandler: Yes I started smoking again, does anyone have a problem with that

All: Yes

Chandler: Why?

Rachel: You said to me smoking isn't healthy and you helped me stop

Chandler: Yeah well

Monica: You have to stop. You look miserable and tired because you smoke

Chandler: No I don't! Just back off! You're not my mother. Drop it!

Ross: He don't yell at my sister, it isn't her fault you have problems

(Chandler gets up and leaves the apartment)

Phoebe: Whow what's his problem

Rachel: I don't care he's just struggling with himself. Let him just be for a while so he can cool down

Joey: Yeah you're right

Ross: Oke, I have an appointment at the museum, anyone wanna come, Joey

Joey: Yeah why not, I don't have an acting job. Oke Bye

Ross: Bye bye

(Ross and Joey leave)

(Monica starts to clean the breakfast table)

Rachel: Want some help Monica

Monica: Yeah oke

(Rachel gets up and grabs the back of her neck)

Rachel: Awwww

Monica, Phoebe: What, what is wrong

Rachel: My neck is just a little stiff

Phoebe: Do you want me to give you a message

Rachel: I love to

Phoebe: Oke come on, do you mind Monica

Monica: No, just go

Rachel, Phoebe: Oke bye

(Rachel and Phoebe leave while Monica cleans the table further, she than hears a loud sound from the guys apartment)

Monica: What's that?

(Monica rushes to the door and opens the door of the guys, she sees Chandler lying on the floor, he's not moving)

Monica: Chandler!!! Chandler!!! Wake up sweety!! Come on!!

(Chandler is not waking up, she picks up the phone and calls the hospital, while she's calling she's holding Chander's head in her lap)

Monica: Yes that's the right address, please hurry up, because he's not moving

(A few minutes later the ambulance arrives and the doctors try to wake Chandler up, it's working but they decide to take him to the hospital anyway, before they take him downstairs they let Monica talk to him for a second, she stands next to Chandler and grabs his hand)

Chandler: Where... am... I?

Monica: Thank god you woke up, I don't know what I do without you


Monica: I can't lose my best friend...

(The doctors then interrupt them, because they want to take Chandler to the hospital)

Doctor: Could you take a step aside because we have to take him with us now

Monica: oke. Can I go with him?

Doctor: Yeah that's oke

Monica: Thank you

(The ambulance with Chandler and Monica rides to the hospital. Chandler is being brought to a room where he can rest)

Doctor: Well mr. Bing you're a lucky man. If you took a few more pills, you would be dead.

Chandler: I know, I would really appreciate it if you wouldn't say a word about this to my friends, because I'm really ashamed about what I did.

Doctor: I'll do my best, you have to rest now because you also have a fever.

Chandler: Oke thanks

(The doctor walks out of the room and in to the waiting room, he starts talking to Monica)

Doctor: He's going to be fine

Monica: Thank god, I was so worried

Doctor: He will be released in a couple of days, but I need to be sure someone is taking care of him, because he need to be watched.

Monica: Why is that, he only is exhausted is he? Why does he need to be watched?

Doctor: Well... I can't talk here let's go to my office

(They walk to his office and Monica sits down on a chair)

Doctor: Chandler said that he didn't want any of you guys to know, but someone has to know to take care of him. Would you do that?

Monica: Ofcourse, I'm one of his closest friends

Doctor: Good, Chandler took an overdoses of sleeping pills, a few more combined with his fever and he would be dead

Monica: Oh my god, I didn't know that

Doctor: We had to empty his stomach because of the pills. Patients that I have with the same problem are bound to this again because there addicted to that pill. So that's why I want to be sure that someone is taking care of him.

Monica: I understand

Doctor: The best thing for you to do is that don't say to him that you know what he did.

Monica: That's fine

Doctor: Oke I've got to see an other patient now, butt if you have questions you can always call me, take care, bye

Monica: bye

(Monica goes in Chandler's room)

Monica: Hey Chandler your awake?

Chandler: Yes, I wanna thank you

Monica: No problem

Chandler: Have you phoned the others?

Monica: Oh I totally forgot, I'm gonna phone them right know

Chandler: oke

(Monica walks out of his room and starts to make the phone calls when she's done she goes back to Chandler's room)

Monica: So I made the phone calls

Chandler: Monica listen I just wanna say I'm sorry for yelling at you the other day

Monica: That's oke I  know you we're tired and all

Chandler: Thanks

(A nurse enters)

Nurse: Miss visiting time is over. I have to ask you to leave

Monica: Yeah oke

(Monica turns to Chandler)

Monica: Well you better rest now and get better

Chandler: Oke, bye

(She kisses him on his forehead and leaves the room)

(A few days later Chandler is released from the hospital and luys on Monica and Rachel's couch)

Ross: You scared us man

Phoebe: Yeah don't ever do that again

Chandler: I won't, I promise

Joey: hey guys I've got an acting job this afternoon. It's really cool

All: Hey great Joey, Yeah

Joey: I've gotta go now to practice for my roll

Phoebe: Want some help I have the day off

Joey: Yeah I could use some help

Phoebe: Oke

(Joey and Phoebe leave there going to Phoebe's apartment)

Ross: Well I'm off to the museum. Take care Chandler.

Chandler: Thanks

(Ross leaves, Rachel sits down on a chair and starts reading a magazine, Chandler falls asleep)

Monica: Rach can you stay with Chandler because I'm going to my laundry?

Rachel: sure, no problem

Monica: I'll be back in an hour

Rachel: Oke see you later

(Monica leaves with the laundry. A few minutes later the phone rings Rachel picks it up)

Rachel: Rachel Green speaking

Boss: Hi Rachel could you come to the office for a few hours because there's something wrong with the orders.

Rachel: Well it was my day off, but oke

Boss: Thanks Rachel I appreciate it, see you in a bit

Rachel: Oke bye

(Rachel grabs her purse, in the meanwhile Chandler woke up by the phone

Rachel: Chandler I have to go to the office. Could I leave you alone

Chandler: Sure, I'm not a baby anymore

Rachel: If something is wrong just give me call and Monica would be back in an hour

Chandler: Yeah no problem.

Rachel: Oke bye

(Rachel puts on her coat and leaves the apartment. Chandler goes back to sleep, but wakes up 45 minutes after)

Chandler: Whow I have to go to the bathroom, I better gonna use ours

(Chandler gets up and leaves the blanket on the couch, he walks to his apartment and in the bathroom. 5 minutes later he walks out)

Chandler: Ah that feels good.

(Chandler walks to his bedroom and to his drawer where he grabs the sleeping pills out, in the mean time Monica got back from the laundry and sees Chandler is not on the couch anymore and Rachel is gone, she heads to the guys apartment and opens the door softly, because she thinks Chandler is a sleep there. She walks in and still doesn't see Chandler. She then walks slowly to the bathroom and spots Chandler in his bedroom, she sees him standing there and swallowing some of the sleeping pills)

Monica: Chandler!!! Chandler spit it out now!!!!

(Monica scares the crap out of him and Chandler drops the pills on the ground but swallows the others)

Monica: Chandler! What do you think you're doing!

Chandler: I'm just taking a pill to sleep better

Monica: Let me see these pills now

Chandler: No! It are just normal pills

Monica: I don't think so. Give it to me

(He does so and stares at the ground)

Monica: Chander you took the sleeping pills again

Chandler: Again? What do you mean by that

Monica: Look Chandler. The doctor told me everything, about your overdoses and not wanting to tell

Chandler: I see. Look I'm sorry but I need those pills

Monica: You don't need them, these pills almost killed you

Chandler: Yeah whatever

Monica: Whatever!? Do you wanna get killed

Chandler: What difference does it make

Monica: I don't wanna loose my best friend, Chandler. You know how much I care about you

(Chandler sits down on the recliner and starts to cry softly, Monica kneels down in front of him)

Monica: Don't cry Chandler. You made a mistake, people make lot's of mistakes

Chandler: Yeah well I made the worst one ever

Monica: We can fix this together

Chandler: Monica, I really wanna do that, but could you not tell the others. Yet

Monica: That's fine for now, you tell it when your ready

Chandler: Thanks

(Monica hugs Chandler tightly for a while)

Monica: We're gonna get trough this Chandler, I'm sure of it

                                                                To be continued

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