The One Where Everything Happens

Written by: Deborah

This is my first fanfic I've ever written so please let me know what you think of it, then I know if to continue writing any more. It's based around Chandler and Monica, anyway hope you like it. Please note I do not own these charcters, they are owned by Bright Kauffman Crane Productions and Warner Bros.

[Monica and Rachel’s appartment.]

(Monica and Phoebe are sat at the kitchen table while, Chandler, Ross and Rachel are sat on the couch)

Phoebe: So what are you guys doing today?

Ross: Well in ten minutes in gotta go to work.

Rachel: How come it’s Sunday!

Ross: I got a call last night that they where having a urgent meeting.

Monica: What about?

Ross: I don’t know, but I’ll find out when I get there. Actually I better get going, see you guys later. Bye.

All: See ya.

(Ross picks up his coat and leaves)

(Monica gets up and goes and sits next to Chandler, he puts his arm around her)

Rachel: So what are we going to do today?

Monica: Actually I really don’t fell like doing anything, I don’t feel so good.

Chandler: Are you okay honey?

(Chandler kisses her forehead)

Monica: Yeah I’ll be okay, OH NO I think I have to go to the bathroom...

(Monica rushes to the bathroom)

(Joey enters)

Joey: Hi everyone, (Joey hear’s the sound of someone being sick in the bathroom) who’s that in there. (Points to the bathroom)

Pheobe: Monica, she’s not feeling too good.

Joey: Yeah, I kinda guessed that!

(Monica comes out of the bathroom)

Chandler: Monica you look awful, I think you should go and lie down.

Monica: Yeah I do feel bad.

(Chandler helps Monica into the bedroom)

[Monica’s bedroom]

(Chandler has his arm around Monica’s waist, she looks as if she is just about to faint)

Chandler: I think I’d better call you a doctor.

(He starts to walk towards the door.)

Monica: No, it’s okay Chandler, I’ll be all right.

Chandler: Well you don’t look all right.

Monica: Honestly I’ll be okay in a minute.

Chandler: What’s going on you’re hiding something.

Monica: No I’m not, I’m just sick, I’ll be okay I just need some rest.

Chandler: Monica?

Monica: Okay, well about a month ago I went to the doctors...

(Chandler interupts her)

Chandler: Oh my god are you okay it’s nothing serious is it....(He says it panicky)

Monica: No, well it might be to you.

Chandler: What? What do you mean, tell me!!

Monica: Well if you shut up for one minute I’ll tell you!

Chandler: Sorry. Come on tell me what’s wrong.

Monica: Well I saw the doctor and he said (she pauses) I’m pregnant...

(Chandler has a shocked look on his face)

Chandler: OH MY GOD!!!!! (He shouts it so loud that the rest of them can probably hear him in the living room.)

Monica: Are you okay?

(He paces up and down the bedroom)

Chandler: Yeah I’m okay, I ju...just need I little time.

(Monica looks a little worried and starts to cry.)

Monica: I...I knew this was going to happen. (She says it while sobbing)

(Chandler turns round and realises she’s crying. He walks over to her and sits on the bed next and he puts his hand on her stomach and wipes away her tears with his other hand)

Chandler: I can’t believe you’re going to have my baby.

(Monica can’t believe what he’s just said)

Monica: What? Are you okay with this.

Chandler: Of course I am, it’s the best thing that’s happened in all my life.

(He kisses her softly on her lips and they hug each other)

Monica: I just didn’t expect you to react like that.

Chandler: Well it’s time I grew up and stopped running away from everything.

Monica: I love you.

Chandler: I love you too.

(They kiss again but more passionately)

Chandler: I can’t believe this is happening, I’ve got the most beautiful woman in the world and she’ll be having my baby. I can’t believe this.

Monica: I know, I can’t believe it myself.

Chandler: How long have you known?

Monica: Well.... two months!

Chandler: Two months and you’ve only just told me.

Monica: Well I didn’t know how you were going to react and I just couldn’t find the right time to tell you. You’re not mad at me are you?

(He pauses)

Chandler: How could I be mad at someone who’s having my baby.

(He kisses her softly on the lips and she smiles back at him)

Chandler: Well, you just promise me you’ll tell me straight away next time.

Monica: Of course I will, now I know how you’re going to react.

Chandler: Wow I still can’t believe it, you’re going to have my baby! (He has a big smile on his face and Monica can see that he has tears in his eyes)

Monica: Oh, come here you big softy.

(She puts her arms around him and kisses him)

Chandler: So....whens our baby due anyway?

Monica: The doctor said around January 25th.

Chandler: So you’re already three months pregnant!

Monica: Yeah. I can’t believe this has finally happened, I’ve wanted this for sooo long. And it’s all happened with he most wonderful man in the world.

Chandler: Does anybody else know?

Monica: No, nobody. I wanted to tell you first but I just didn’t know how to tell you.

Chandler: I know, it’s okay. I’m just glad that you told me first and nobody else. When do you think we should tell everyone else.

Monica: Soon, I just want us to get used to the idea before we tell anybody.

Chandler: It’s a good job that they found out about us ‘cause I don’t think I could cope with another secret.

Monica: Yeah I know what you mean.

Chandler: Are you feeling better now?

Monica: Yeah I’m okay now, I’ve been like this for a few weeks now, but I tryed to hide it from you all. But today was the worst I’ve ever felt.

Chandler: I’ll be here for you all the way, I’ll never leave you. I’ll go and let you get some rest now.

Monica: Okay, I’ll be in soon and then we’ll tell the rest of the guys later when Ross gets back.

(Chandler kisses her)

Chandler: Now you take good care of that baby, while I’m gone.

Monica: I will.

(Chandler walks towards the door and turns round and smiles at Monica)

Chandler: I love you.

(He leaves)

[Monica and Rachel’s]

Joey: Do you think she’s all right?

Rachel: Don’t know they’ve been in there for a while.

(Chandler enters)

Pheobe: Is she okay?

Chandler: Yeah she’s feeling better now, it must have been something she ate last night. She’ll be out soon.

Phoebe: Chandler’s got a secret.

Chandler: What? No I’ve not.

Phoebe: You have, I can sense it.

Chandler: I’ve not got a secret, now quit it Phoebe.

Pheobe: Sorry. But you have. (She says it quietly so he can’t hear her)

[A little later, still at Rachel and Monica’s apartment, Ross still isn’t back from his meeting and Monica is still in her bedroom]

(Ross enters and he doesn’t look very happy)

Phoebe: Hey Ross is here.

Ross: Hey.

Chandler: Whats wrong man!

Ross: Oh, i’ve only lost my job at the museum.

Rachel: What? How come?

Ross: Apparently the museum’s not making enough money so it’s being closed.

Chandler: Oh, I’m so sorry.

(Monica enter’s the room from her bedroom)

Monica: What’s going on I heard you guys in the bedroom.

Joey: Ross has lost his job.

Monica: Why?

Ross: The museum is being closed ‘cause it’s not getting enough visiters to make any money.

Monica: I’m sorry.

Rachel: Anyway Monica are you feeling any better?

Ross: What’s the matter?

Monica: I wasn’t feeling too good this morning after you had left, but I’m okay now, it must have been that stomach bug what’s been going round.

Rachel: Eh, Chandler said it was something you ate.

(Monica looks at Chandler and Chandler mouths the words ‘Shall we tell them’ and Monica nods. Chandler walks over to Monica and puts his arm around her.)

Rachel: What’s going on?

Monica: Well....... (Monica smiles at Chandler and he smiles back at her)

(Chandler places his hand on Monica’s stomach and she places her hand on top of his.)

Chandler: Monica’s pregnant. (He says it all excited)

Ross: OH MY GOD!!!!

Rachel: Congratulations. (Rachel goes over and hugs Monica)

Joey: Congratulations dude. You’re going to be a Daddy.

Pheobe: I knew you were keeping a secret.

Ross: Wow I’m going to be a Uncle at last!

(Ross goes and hugs Monica.)

Rachel: How long have you known about this?

Monica: Well I’ve known for two months and Chandler’s known for....(looks at her watch) two hours and twenty-seven minutes.

Ross: When’s the baby due?

Chandler: 25th January.

Joey: Wow you’re taking it better than what I thought Chandler.

Rachel: Yeah Chandler, what happened to you being scared of commitment and all that. Did Monica hit you over the head or something.

(They all laugh)

Chandler: Ha, ha. I just realised I can’t carry on through life like that. And I’m not going to be on my own through this anyway, I’ve also got the most beautiful woman in the world who’s going to go through this as well. (Chandler and Monica both smile at each other and then kiss)

Pheobe: Awwhh you guys are such a cute couple.

[Monica’s Bedroom 3:27am]

(Chandler and Monica are both in bed, Monica is asleep but Chandler is awake and is just looking and Monica. Monica turns over, opens her eyes and sees that Chandler isn’t asleep.)

Monica: Hi darling. Why you not asleep?

Chandler: I woke up but I couldn’t get back to sleep ‘cause I was thinking about the baby.

Monica: Aawwhh, I still can’t believe the way you took the news, you’re going to be a brilliant Dad.

Chandler: Am I?

Monica: Of course you are.

Chandler: I was just thinking, before you woke up. I can’t keep living with Joey forever you know. (Touches her stomach) This baby can’t have it’s Father living across the hall. And I’m practically here all the time anyway.

Monica: Yeah I see what you mean.

Chandler: So can I move in then?

Monica: Of course you can.

(They kiss)

Chandler: Also......the baby’s gonna need a room of it’s own when it arrives.

Monica: You mean Rachel’s room?

Chandler: Yes, I want to live with you like a proper couple do. They don’t live with their friends. Actually.....proper couples get (he pauses) married and then have babies.

Monica: You mean you want to get married as well.

Chandler: Of course, well there’s no better reason to.

Monica: Okay lets get married too.

(They kiss again)

[Central Perk]

(Everybody is there except Chandler and Monica)

Ross: Come on decide which movie we’re seeing.

Joey: I don’t know it’s a tough choice!

(Chandler and Monica walk in with their arms around each other)

Phoebe: Hey you guys, you wanna see a movie with us.

Monica: Don’t know, but we’ve got some news for you lot.

Phoebe: Well it can’t be about the baby ‘cause we know that already.

Rachel: Oh my god.....You’re....

Chandler and Monica: GETTING MARRIED

All: Congratulations you guys.

Ross: You do know you’re doing it all in the wrong order.

Chandler: What?

Ross: Well you’re meant to get married and then have a baby.

Chandler: Well we kinda knew that, but the baby wasn’t exactly planned.

Monica: Yeah Ross. We would have done it in the right order but it’s a bit late now.

Ross: You know Mom and Dad’s gonna go mad.

Monica: Oh my god, I forgot about them. (Monica looks at Chandler with a worried look on her face)

Chandler: We’ll get through this.

Monica: But they don’t even know that we’re seeing each other.

Chandler: Well they’ll just have to understand. It’s too late to change everything now!

Monica: Yeah, I guess. But we’re going to have go and see them soon. I don’t want to leave it too late, ‘cause this things growing all the time and I wouldn’t like to surprise them anymore then I have too.

Ross: They’d probably just think you’ve been eating a lot again.

(Monica hits him over the head)

Ross: Ouch! What’s that for?

Rachel: We better be going actually if we wanna catch one of those movies in time.

(Joey, Ross, Rachel and Phoebe start to leave.)

Phoebe: See you guys later.

Monica: Rachel? Can we just talk to you?

Rachel: Yeah, sure. Go ahead you guys I'll catch up.

Ross: Okay, see you soon.

(Rachel goes and sits down again)

Rachel: What's up?

Monica: Well....Chandler's decided to move in with me, you know what with the baby coming and everything now.

Rachel: Yeah, that's understandable.

Chandler: Well the baby's going to need it's own room when it comes......

Rachel: mean you want to me to move out.

Monia: I'm sorry sweetie.

Rachel: I knew this was going to happen sometime anyway when I heard you were pregnant yesterday.

Chandler: Are you okay?

Rachel: Yeah. Well I'd feel the same if this was happening to me.

Monica: Come here.

(Monica and Rachel hug each other)

Monica: There's no rush to move out yet, you just take your time.

Rachel: Okay, I don't know where I'm going to move though. I don't want to move too far away 'cause I still want be near you guys.

Chandler: We'll help you find somewhere.

Rachel: Thanks.

Chandler: You could move in with Joey.

Rachel: Hhmm....I'll remember that when I'm really desperate.

[Monica and Rachel's. A few days later.]

(Chandler, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe are there.)

Monica: Rachel do you wanna go shopping at the mall today.

Rachel: Yeah. I need some new shoes.

Monica: You coming Pheebes.

Phoebe: Sorry, I can't I'm busy this afternoon, but I'll see you later.

Monica: You don't mind if we go shopping Chandler.

Chandler: Of course not. You just take care of yourself while you're out.

Rachel: Wow Chandler you're really getting protective of Monica ever since you found she was pregnant.

Chandler: That's because I care so much about her and I don't want anything to happen to her and our baby.

Monica: Awwh, you're so sweet.

(Monica goes over and hugs Chandler and kisses him good bye)

Chandler: (Talking to her stomach) Bye, bye baby, see you later. (He kisses the small bump that she already has.)

Rachel and Monica: Bye.

(Rachel and Monica start to walk towards to door.)

Phoebe: Hey wait. I'll walk down stairs with you.

Chandler: Bye.

[Rachel and Monica's. A few hours later.]

(Chandler is in the kitchen cooking something, when Phoebe walks through the door.)

Phoebe: Hey Chandler.

Chandler: Hi.

Phoebe: What you doing?

Chandler: I just thought I'd cook something special for Monica.

Phoebe: That's nice. Are they still not back yet?

Chandler: No. I thought they'd be back by now.

(Phoebe goes and sits on the couch and switches on the TV. The news is on.)

Chandler: I went out and got Monica's engagement ring today. You wanna have a look?

Phoebe: Oh no.....have you seen this on the news, there's been a fire in a mall in New York.

(Chandler walks over to the TV)

Phoebe: It says there's been 58 people injured.

(Chandler listens to the TV)

Chandler: OH NO.....That's where Monica said she was going this morning.

Phoebe: Are you sure?

Chandler: YES, oh I hope she's all right. I don't what I'll do if anything happens to her and the baby.

(Chandler rushes over to the phone.)

Phoebe: What are you doing?

Chandler: I'm phoning all the local hospitals.

Phoebe: Don't you think you're over reacting a bit. She might be okay.

Chandler: No I'm not over reacting. I'm not going to wait here, for somebody to phone me. I need to know now if she's okay.

(Ross enters)

Ross: Hey you two.

(Ross sees Chandler shouting down the phone)

Ross: (To Phoebe) What's up with him?

Phoebe: Monica and Rachel went shopping this morning and we were just watching the TV when it said that there'd been a fire at the local mall. So he's trying all the hospitals to see if she's all right.

Ross: OH NO!

Chandler: (Shouts down the phone)ARE YOU SURE THERE'S NOT A MONICA GELLER THERE?

Ross: I hope Monica's all right for Chandler's sake.

(Rachel and Monica walk through the door with loads of shopping bags.)

Monica: Hi everyone.

(Chandler realizes who's just walked through the door. He drops the phone and runs over to Monica and hugs her.)

Chandler: Oh thank god you're okay.

Monica: What? What's going on?

Chandler: I thought something bad had happened to you. Me and Phoebe were watching the news and we saw that there'd been a fire at the mall.

Monica: Oh, I'm fine. We stopped off at Central Perk on the way home and just lost track of time. I'm so sorry honey to worry you like that.

(They kiss)

Chandler: Come and sit down, you must be tired after all that shopping.

(Everybody goes and sits down)

Rachel: What's that smell?

Chandler: OH NO! The dinner! I was cooking a special dinner for you. I was so worried about you and the baby I totally forgot about it. Now it's spoiled.

Monica: It's okay honey, we can a take away instead.

Chandler: But I wanted it to be special.

Monica: You'll have plenty of time over the next few months to cook for me.

Chandler: Anyway what did you two buy?

Rachel: You just wait till you see what Monica's bought. Actually I think she might have gone a bit over the top.

Monica: I'll just get the bags.

Chandler: No you stay there, I'll get them for you.

Monica: Thanks.

(Chandler gets up, picks up the bags and takes them over to Monica.)

Chandler: So what did you buy, you get me anything?

Monica: I just couldn't resist when I saw them, they were such a bargain.

(Monica starts taking loads of baby things out of the bags.)

Chandler: Wow, how much did you spend?

Monica: Just look at these tiny little shoes.

Chandler: There're so small. I think I'm going to enjoy this baby thing more than what I thought.

(Chandler and Monica hug each other)