The One Where Monica Got Fired And Chandler Comforts Her

Written By: Ilona

(This takes place when neither Chandler and Monica are seeing someone.. I hope you all enjoy it, if you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to E-mail me, my address is at the end of this fanfic. This is my first fanfic.
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May 2000

Let's get on with it

(Scene: M & R apartment)

Phoebe: What's bothering you

Monica: Nothing

Phoebe: Look I can tell that something is bothering you

Monica: No there's nothing

Phoebe: Oké I gotta go, but if you change your mind you know where you can find me

Joey: Yeah I'm gonna go to, bye bye

Chandler: Bye see you later

(Phoebe and Joey  leave Chandler and Monica alone)
(Chandler and Monica are still sitting close next to eachother on the chair)

Chandler: He what's wrong, you can tell me. I can see it to you know.

Monica: (hesitantly) I gotta go

Chandler: (He grabs her round her waist before she even can get out of the chair) Why don't you just
tell me. I'm your best friend. You can share everything with me, you know that don't you

Monica: I do, but...

Chandler: No but's just tell

(Before he could finish his sentence Rachel comes in. She puts her purse down on the table and
grabs a drink from the refrigerator)

Rachel: Hi, what's up with you two?

Chandler: I was just on my way out

Rachel: oh, oke bye than

(Rachel gets up to pick up a magazine that's lying on the table. Meanwhile Chandler gets up from the
chair and Monica softly squeezes his hand)

Chandler: (Whispers) We talk later

(He walks out the door)

Rachel: So how was your day at work?

Monica: The usual. I'm tired. I'm gonna go to bed, see you in the morning

Rachel: Yeah goodnight.

(Rachel sits down and starts looking in the magazine, a few minutes later Monica walks out again)

Monica: I forgot to ask Chandler something

(She walks out the door to the boy's apartment and knocks on the door. Chandler opens the door to
reveal Monica)

Chandler: (softly) hi

Monica: I really need to talk, because something is bothering me like hell, is Joey here

Chandler: No he isn't he's out tonight, come on in

(Monica comes in and sits down in one of the chairs, Chandler goes and sit in the other)

Chandler: So what's bothering you

Monica: (Softly crying) Well.. I..I..was fired today

Chandler: Oh I'm so sorry

(Chandler gets up and sits down on the arm of chair where Monica sits. Like when he did in TOW
the girl from Poughkeepsie only then by Rachel. He puts his arm around her and softly brushes her
tears from her eyes)

Chandler: Don't cry. I'm sure you can find a better job than this one. You didn't even liked this one

Monica: I know but it's like my whole life isn't worth living for

Chandler: Don't say that. There are many reasons to live your live. Like for me

Monica: For you

Chandler: Yeah me. Whenever I feel down you are the one to cheer me up.

Monica: You're kidding right

Chandler: No I'm not

Monica: But a few months ago I lost Richard and now I lost my job. When I tell my mother I'm sure
I get one of her lectures.

Chandler: You won't have to tell her, you know.

Monica: She's gonna found out sooner or later. When Rachel finds out I'm sure she tells Ross and he
tells my mother, so

Chandler: So you're 29 now. It's your life now

(She begins to cry again and Chandler try's to comfort Monica by hugging her)

Chandler: why don't we go and grab a coffee or something

Monica: No I wanna stay here with you

Chandler: Oke, you know your smart and beautiful and I'm sure everything's gonna be fine. Look at
me I was from a dysfunctional family from the nineties and look how I turned out.

(Monica starts laughing)

Chandler: What?

Monica: It always works. I don't know how you do it but you always find a way to crack me up

Chandler: That's why I'm your best friend, right

Monica: Right

Chandler: Why don't we go somewhere tomorrow, what do think

Monica: But you have to work tomorrow

Chandler: Well I can get the day off, I'm the boss

Monica: Oke sounds great

(She hugs him again. Monica gets up and walks to the door before she opens the door she turns to
look at Chandler)

Monica: Thanks

Chandler: Anytime

(Next day)

Chandler comes out of his apartment and heads for Monica's apartment. He enters the apartment)

Chandler: Monica. Are you ready?

(Only he's not noticing that Rachel is lying on the couch reading a magazine)

Rachel: Ready for what Chandler. I thought you had to work and so is Monica

Chandler: Ehm.. well I'm giving her a ride

(Monica walks out of her room)

Monica: yeah I'm ready to go. Oke bye Rachel see you tonight

(They walk out and head downstairs. You see various scenes with Chandler and Monica eating
lunch, walking in a park and when they are having dinner in a fancy restaurant)

Monica: Thanks for  dinner.

Chandler: You're welcome

Monica: I have only one question for you

Chandler: And that is?

Monica: Why are you going through so many troubles just for my

Chandler: I don't know, I just love hanging around with you, your one of my favorite people you

Monica: Thanks

(Later you see Chandler and Monica drinking at bar and talking. They are a little drunk, not to much.
They're going home and support eachother. They stumble upstairs and Chandler helps Monica into
her apartment. They both land on the couch)

Chandler: I'm really tired, I think I'm going home now, oke

Monica: Can't you just stay for a little while?

Chandler: Why?

Monica: Because I don't want to be alone now

Chandler: Oke just a little while then

(Monica curls up to Chandler and puts her head on his lap, Chandler gently strokes her hair, while
Monica looks up to him, Chandler stares into space and starts thinking)

Monica: (whispers) Chandler what are you thinking

Chandler: Huh oh I was just, nothing

(Monica falls lightly asleep on Chandler's lap and Chandler is also tired but doesn't want to move
Monica, otherwise she would wake up)

Chandler: (Whispering to Monica who's asleep) Wow you look so pretty just like a princess and yet
you have so much to worry about. And why?

(Monica was just lightly asleep and heard the words that Chandler was saying to her. Slowly
Chandler bends his head down to give her a kiss on her cheek and go home but Monica turns her head up to say something to him and by accident Chandler gives her a kiss full on her mouth. They are both surprised and yet embarrassed)

Chandler: Oh my god I'm so sorry it wasn't my intention to kiss you

(Quickly Chandler gets up and walks round the couch as Monica gets on her knees on the couch and
grabs Chandler's tie. They're very close and Monica kisses him softly on the lips at first Chandler is
stunned but grows into the kiss and falls on to the couch and Monica climbs on top of him and she
starts to kiss him again, but Chandler breaks it)

Chandler: This isn't good, this isn't good, I gotta I gotta go

(He starts to get up but Monica stops him)

Monica: (softly) Shhh keep your voice down.

Chandler: Sorry, but I can't stay here

Monica: Why Chandler? Why?

Chandler: This isn't right, in the first please I wanted to kiss you on your cheek, just a friendly kiss.
You've made me all confused

Monica: Stop it Chandler. I'm sorry but you're confused how about me. How do you think I feel

Chandler: I only know that we shouldn't have kissed eachother

Monica: I'm sorry to disappoint you but we did and I'm sure you felt something to, don't you

Chandler: I really gotta go now and no I didn't feel anything were just friends

(Monica can't believe he said that and kisses him again more passionately, she breaks the kiss after a
few seconds)

Monica: How about that, you can't fool me and say that you didn't feel anything

Chandler: oke I did feel something, but we can't keep doing to this

Monica: And why not

Chandler: Like I said before were best friends and...Oh what the hell

Monica: Oh shut up Chandler and kiss me

(He softly puts his hands round Monica's face and starts to kiss monica's neck and slowly goes up to
her face)

Chandler: (In between kisses) You know I always wanted to do this, ever since the day we met.

Monica: I know.

(Chandler gently picks Monica in his arms and carries her into the bedroom. In the room he puts her
on the bed and starts unbuttoning her blouse. Monica gets rid of the tie Chandler has on and takes of
his shirt)

Chandler: You're sure about this

Monica: I'm really really sure

(He starts to kiss her and the scene fades)

Next day

(Monica's room: the room is dark and there are clothes spread over the floor. Chandler and Monica
are lying curled up in eachothers arms)

Chandler: (Softly) Monica, Monica you have to wake up it's 7.30

(Monica slowly wakes up and sees Chandler she smiles to him and gives him a kiss)

Monica: I don't wanna wake up

Chandler: I have to go my apartment

Monica: Why?

Chandler: You don't want to let the others know about us yet, do you?

Monica: No not yet. I just wanne know how things are gonna go from here

Chandler: Oke than I have to go now

(Chandler gets out of bed and starts to get dressed. Monica sits up in bed and watches Chandler
getting dressed)

Monica: I can hardly believe this is happening

Chandler: I know but it did. And I'm glad it did

Monica: Me too

Chandler: So I'll see you tonight

Monica: Why don't I come to your office so we can have lunch together

Chandler: Sounds great. Oke I gotta go, bye

(Before he walks out the door he kisses her rather passionate and it seems there's gonna be no end
to that kiss. Monica eventually breaks the kiss)

Monica: You have to go now otherwise Rachel might be up and sees you, oke

Chandler: Oke bye

(Chandler walks out and closes the door of Monica's bedroom and walks out of the apartment to go to his apartment. Meanwhile Monica is back under the covers and starts dreaming about.....)

                                                          The end for now it's up to you

Any suggestions of how I should continue, example:
1) Monica starts dreaming about Richard
2) Monica gets very sick when she's eating breakfast
3) Just before Chandler walks out Rachel sees him
4) Chandler is on his way to work when he gets an accident
5) When Monica comes to Chandler's office there's an other girl waiting for Chandler
6) Chandler's getting transferred (I know a lot of you did that, but I write different you know)

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