The One With No Sleep (Part 2)

Written By: Deborah

This is the second part to my last fanfic The One With the Snake, if you haven't read that one yet I suggest you read that first so you know what's going on. If you have any comments or suggestions about my fanfic please email me. Please note I do not own these charcters, they are owned by Bright Kauffman Crane Productions and Warner Bros.

[Chandler and Monica's Apartment]

(Chandler and Monica are sat at the table eating breakfast.)

Monica: You'd better hurry up honey, you're going to be late for work. I told you, we shouldn't have stayed in bed for an extra half hour.

Chandler: I know but it was worth it.

(He gets up and kisses Monica. And then goes into the bathroom.)

(Joey enters.)

Joey: (Shouting) Chandler?

Monica: Hi Joe.

Joey: Hey, where's Chandler?

Monica: (Points to the bathroom) In there.

(Joey runs over to the bathroom and starts banging on the door.)

Joey: Chandler, get out here quick.

Chandler: (From in the bathroom) What? If it's to do with the snake I don't want to know.

Joey: Just get out here Chandler, something's happened.

(Chandler opens the bathroom door.)

Chandler: What's wrong?

Joey: It's the chicken.

Chandler: What about it?

Joey: It's gone missing.

Chandler: What??

Joey: How many times do I have to tell you? The chicken has gone missing.

Monica: Are you sure Joey?

Joey: Yeah, I've looked everywhere.

Chandler: Are you sure it's not just playing hide and seek with the duck.

Joey: Chandler now is not the next to make jokes. You've got to help me look for it.

(Chandler looks at his watch and realises he's going to be late for work.)

Chandler: (To Monica) Could you phone work honey and tell them that I'm sick today?

Monica: Yeah, ok.

Joey: Come on we've got to find it.

(Joey gets hold of Chandler's arm and drags him towards the door.)

[Chandler and Monica's - An hour later]

(Monica and Ross are sat on the couch watching TV when Joey and Chandler come in.)

Monica: Hi, any luck in finding the chicken.

Chandler: No.

Joey: We've looked all over the apartment and we've gone round to all the other apartments in the building to see if they've see it.

Monica: Oh, I'm sorry.

(Chandler goes and sits down next Monica and they kiss.)

Ross: If you want some help looking I'm here to help.

Joey: Thanks Ross.

Ross: That's ok, it's not like I have anything else better to do.

Monica: So what are you going to do now?

Chandler: Well we thought we'd go round to all the animal shelters to see if the chicken is there. And if we don't find it then we're going to put some flyers around the city.

Monica: Good idea.

Joey: Come on we'd better get going.

(Joey, Ross and Chandler all get up and make their way to the door.)

Monica: Hey wait, I'll come too.

Chandler: Monica?

Monica: What???

Chandler: I think it might be best if you stayed here.

Monica: Why?

Chandler: Well you know. (Looks down at her stomach)

Monica: Chandler I can still walk you know.

Chandler: I know that, it's just we don't know how long we're going to be and I don't want you getting too tired. Anyway we need you here just in case somebody phones up about the chicken.

Monica: Oh ok then.

(Chandler goes over and kisses her)

Chandler: (Whispers in her ear) I'll make up for it tonight.

(They smile at each other.)

Monica: Ok.

(Joey and Ross look at each other.)

Chandler: See you later.

Monica: Bye and good luck.

Joey and Ross: Bye.

[Chandler and Monica's - Later that day.]

(Monica is in the kitchen cooking dinner when Joey and Chandler come in.)

Monica: Well…..any luck.

Chandler: Nope, we've been everywhere.

Monica: Oh, I'm sorry.

Joey: What are we going to do now?

Monica: Didn't you say you were going to put some flyers up?

Joey: Oh yeah. I forgot about that.

Monica: Well I was a little bored while you were out, so I designed a poster for you. And I was looking through the photo albums and I managed to find a picture of the chicken to put in it. (Goes over to the table next to the couch and picks up a piece of paper and holds it up.) See.

Joey: Oh that looks great. Thanks Monica.

Monica: That's ok, I wanted to help you out in some way. It only needs copying now.

Joey: Ok, I'll go and get it copied first thing tomorrow.

(Rachel comes in from work.)

Rachel: Hey you guys.

(Rachel takes off her coat and hangs it up.)

Chandler, Monica and Joey: Hi.

Rachel: What's wrong?

Monica: The chicken has gone missing.

Rachel: What?!? How?

Chandler: We don't know what's happened.

Joey: We've spent all day trying to find it.

(Rachel walks over to Joey and hugs him.)

Rachel: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Joey: No you're not.

Rachel: What?

Joey: You're not sorry, you've never liked the chicken.

Rachel: I know how much it means to you.

Joey: I'm sorry I guess I'm just upset. I'm gonna go and see if I can get some sleep. And I'd better see how the duck is.

Monica: Oh yeah, by the way Joey the duck was making quite a lot of noise this afternoon. It must be missing the chicken.

Joey: Ok, I'll go see how it is.

(Joey leaves.)

(Monica goes back to the kitchen and continues cooking.)

Chandler: Has anybody called while I was out?

Monica: Oh yeah, Phoebe called.

Rachel: How is she?

Monica: She said she was having a really good time with Daniel. Actually they're having so much fun that they decided to stay a few days extra.

Chandler: Did you tell her about the chicken?

Monica: No. I didn't want to upset her and spoil her holiday with Daniel. I knew if I told her she'd come back early. Anyway you'll probably find it by the time she comes back.

Chandler: I hope so. Joey was really upset before while we were out.

Monica: Ohh. He'll find it.

[Chandler and Monica's Bedroom - About 3:00AM]

(Chandler's asleep in bed, he rolls over and puts his arm out to hug Monica, but realises she's not there. He still has his eyes closed and feels around the bed for her.)

Chandler: Monica??? (Says it quietly so he doesn't wake Rachel.)

(He gets no reply, so he gets out of bed and puts his robe on. And he slowly makes his way to the living room, still half asleep. He walks into the living room and sees Monica lying down on the couch with a blanket over her and she's watching TV.)

Chandler: Monica, what are you doing? (He rubs his eyes.)

(She turns round and sees Chandler.)

Monica: Oh, I'm sorry honey. Did I wake you?

(Chandler goes over to the couch and sits on the edge next to her.)

Chandler: Why are you out here?

Monica: I couldn't sleep so I came out here to watch some TV.

Chandler: Oh, ok. Can I lie next to you?

Monica: Yeah of course you can.

(She moves up so he can get on. He lies down and she lies slightly on top of him and cuddles up to him. He kisses her forehead.)

Chandler: I love you.

Monica: I love you too.

(They kiss.)

Chandler: Oh, I almost forgot. (Rubs her stomach) I love you too.

(Monica laughs)

Monica: I was thinking before you came in we haven't really talked about the wedding yet. When do you think we should have it?

(She doesn't get a response. She looks up and sees that he's fallen asleep.)

Monica: Never mind.

[3 hours later - 6:00am]

(Chandler is still fast asleep in the couch and Monica is in the kitchen making breakfast, she accidentally drops a cup and it smashes on the floor, which wakes Chandler up.)

Chandler: What happened??

Monica: Oh it's ok I just dropped a cup.

Chandler: Oh, what time is it?

Monica: (Looks at her watch.) Errmm, just gone six.

Chandler: Six in the morning?

(Monica nods)

Chandler: What are you doing up at this time?

Monica: Well I couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd start on breakfast.

Chandler: Did you get any sleep at all last night?

Monica: No not really. It doesn't matter anyway.

Chandler: Are you sure?

Monica: Yeah I feel fine. I'm gonna go for a soak in the bath, ok?

Chandler: Ok then, well I'm not that much in the mood for sleeping now so is ok if I join you. That's if there's room for another.

Monica: Yeah sure.

Chandler: Ok I'll be in a minute.

(Monica goes over to the couch, kisses him and goes into the bathroom.)

[Chandler and Monica's - Later that day.]

(Monica and Rachel are at work, Phoebe is still away with Daniel and Joey, Ross and Chandler are out putting flyers around the city.)

(Enter Chandler, Joey and Ross.)

Joey: I am so tired.

(Joey goes over to the couch and just falls onto it.)

Chandler: Where's Monica she should be home from work by now.

Ross: Why don't you call her?

Chandler: Yeah, I think I will.

(Chandler goes over to the phone, picks it and starts to dial. He waits and puts it down again.)

Chandler: It's engaged. If she's not back soon I might down there and see what going on.

Joey: Forget about that anyway, we've got more important things to do like finding a chicken.

Chandler: I really can't see what else we can do now. We've tried looking and we've put fliers up…

Ross: We'll just have to wait now Joey.

Joey: I know, but I just can't help thinking what might have happened to it.

Chandler: Yeah I know Joe, I worried about the chicken too.

[Chandler & Monica's - The Same day 8:00pm]

(Chandler and Joey are sat on the couch watching TV when Monica comes in from work)

Monica: Hi guys.

Chandler: Monica where have you been I've been trying to phone you since five.

Monica: Oh sorry honey, something happened at work so I had to stay behind.

Chandler: What happened?

Monica: Someone messed up an order of some food I needed so I've spent most of this afternoon trying to sort it out.

Chandler: Oh, come over here and sit down you look really tired.

(She sits on the couch next to him and he hugs her.)

Monica: Yeah I am tired, it's been a really busy day today. Hey Joey, have you had any look in finding…. (she looks around Chandler to Joey and realises that he's asleep.)

Chandler: Joey's had a busy day too.

Monica: I can tell, have you still not found the chicken yet?

Chandler: No, we've tried everywhere now. All we can do now is just wait and see if anybody will find it. Anyway why don't you go to bed and get some rest and I'll get you something to eat.

Monica: Yeah ok.

(She kisses him, gets up and makes her way to her bedroom.)

[Chandler & Monica's - The Next Morning.]

(Monica and Rachel are up eating breakfast, when Chandler rushes into the room from the bedroom.)

Chandler: Monica, why didn't you wake me I'm gonna be late for work.

Monica: Oh sorry, I forgot. Look I made you some breakfast.

Chandler: Sorry I've not got time now. I'm going to have to go now, I can't be any later I've got an important meeting today at work.

Monica: Ok.

(Chandler stops for a second and looks at Monica.)

Chandler: Monica, are you ok?

Monica: Yeah of course I am, why?

Chandler: You look really worn out.

Rachel: That's what I said, but she won't listen to me.

Monica: Ok, I didn't sleep at all last night. It's no big deal, I feel ok.

Chandler: Monica really you don't look ok, I think you should take the day off work, go see a doctor and try to get some sleep.

Rachel: I'm going to have to go or else I'm going to be late for work.

(Rachel grabs her coat and bag, and makes her way towards the door.)

Rachel: Bye.

(They both totally ignore her.)

Monica: Chandler I'm fine.

Chandler: Monica please just take the day off work to today. Please?

Monica: (Lying) Ok.

Chandler: Thank you. I've got go.

(He kisses her quickly and leaves.)

(Monica ignores what he said and starts to get ready to go to work.)

[Chandler & Monica's - 3:28pm.]

(Chandler enters the apartment. He's home from work early to see how Monica is. He looks around the apartment and sees that Monica isn't here and thinks that she must be in the bedroom asleep. So he quietly makes his way to the bedroom, enters and realises she's not there.)

Chandler: Where is she?

[Chandler & Monica's - 4:30pm.]

(Chandler is sat at the table with his laptop doing some work, when Monica enters. She realises who's sat at the table and knows what's going to happen next.)

Chandler: Monica? What do you think you're doing?

Monica: I know I'm sorry ok.

Chandler: Why did you do it?

Monica: I had loads of work to do at the restaurant and I knew I couldn't just stay at home. Anyway you're right I should have stayed home.

Chandler: Why do you say that?

Monica: Because they sent me home.

Chandler: What happened?

Monica: Well…..I kind of nearly chopped someone's toe off.

Chandler: Oh my god.

Monica: I wasn't concentrating and the knife just slipped out of my hand and only just missed David's toe.

Chandler: See I told you this morning that you shouldn't go.

Monica: I know and I'm really sorry. I should have listened to you.

Chandler: Come here.

(She walks over to him and they hug and kiss.)

Chandler: Why don't you go and lie down and I'll get you and the baby something to eat.

(She smiles at him)

Monica: Ok.

(She kisses him and goes and lies down on the couch.)

(Joey enters.)

Joey: Hey.

Chandler: Hi Joe.

(Joey walks towards the couch to sit down but sees Monica on there.)

Joey: You ok Mon?

Monica: Yeah I'm fine.

Chandler: No she's not. She hasn't slept for the last two nights and today she almost chopped someone's toe off again!!

Joey: Really?

Monica: Yes.

Chandler: Joey, by the way could you bring back those trousers I lent you the other week.

Joey: Yeah sure, if I can find them. I hope you don't mind but I lent them to Daniel.

Chandler: Will you not give my stuff to people in future?

Joey: Yeah sorry, I'll go and get them.

(Joey leaves)

[Joey's apartment]

(Joey enters, goes straight towards Daniel's bedroom and opens the door. He starts to look around his bedroom for Chandler's trousers. He first looks in his wardrobe and then he sees a pile of clothes in the corner of the room so he starts to look through it. He finally finds them when he sees something under the clothes, he has a shocked look on his face.)

[Monica & Chandler's]

(Joey enters)

Chandler: Did you find them Joe?

(Joey continues walking across the room with his hand over his mouth.)

Chandler: Joe?

Joey: What?

Chandler: Did you find them trousers?

Joey: Ermm…….oh yeah.

Chandler: Well where are they?

Joey: Ermm.

Chandler: Joey are you ok? What's happened?

Joey: Errm……..I've found the chicken.

Monica: Hey that's great Joey.

Joey: No…..not exactly.

Chandler: Joey what do you mean?

Joey: Well….I went into Daniel's room to look for you trousers. And I was looking through this pile of clothes in his room, when…..

Monica: Go on….

Joey: The chicken's dead.

Chandler: What? How?

Monica: Oh my god.

Joey: It looks like Daniel's snake killed it.

Chandler: I'm gonna kill him when he comes back.

Joey: Not before I do.

Chandler: Monica, when did you say Phoebe was coming back?

Monica: I think she said tomorrow morning.

Chandler: Right first thing tomorrow we're going to have a word with your new roommate Daniel.

Joey: Right.

[Chandler & Monica's - The next morning.]

(Chandler and Monica are both sat on the couch together cuddling, Monica looks like she still hasn't had any sleep. And Joey is sat on a chair on his own, they are all watching TV when Phoebe enters carrying some bags.)

Phoebe: Hi everyone.

Monica: Hey Pheebs how was your holiday?

Phoebe: Monica are you ok, you look terrible.

Monica: Don't start.

Phoebe: Ok, my holiday was brilliant we had such a great time.

Joey: Is Daniel in my apartment?

Phoebe: Yeah, he said he was going to come over soon.

Chandler: Right it's time to go.

(Chandler and Joey start to make their way to the door.)

Phoebe: Go? Go where?

Monica: (To Chandler and Joey) I'll explain to her.

[Joey's Apartment]

(Daniel is in the living room sorting through his stuff, when Chandler and Joey enter.)

Daniel: Hey guys.

Joey: We want a word?

Daniel: Yeah sure what's up?

Chandler: It's about that stupid snake of yours.

Daniel: What about it? Oh if it's about leaving it here for you to look after I'm really sorry….

Joey: Do you know what your snake did while you where away?

Daniel: Ermm…..don't know.

Chandler: (Mad) It decided to kill our chicken.

Daniel: Oh no, not again.

Chandler: What?!? You mean it's done this before.

Daniel: Yeah, it once killed a cat.

Joey: Oh my god, why didn't you tell me about this before. You even moved in here and didn't tell me you had a snake. I found out at 4am in the morning when it was crawling on me!!

Daniel: I'm sorry. I knew if I told you, you wouldn't let me move in and I really needed some where to stay.

Chandler: Well you're going to need somewhere to stay again now.

Daniel: Oh come on guys, please.

Joey: No I've had enough of all this, and we've got a duck to think about.

Daniel: Ok.

Chandler: Good, we want you out within the next hour.

Daniel: What???

[The hallway - The next day.]

(Everybody except Monica is coming back from the funeral of the chicken and Joey is carrying the duck.)

Phoebe: It was a really nice ceremony that you did Joey.

Joey: Thanks Phoebe. Hey do you lot want to come to mine for a few drinks.

All: (Except Chandler) Yeah sure.

Chandler: I'll be there soon I just want to check on Monica.

Joey: Ok man.

(Chandler enters his and Monica's apartment. He starts to make his way to their bedroom when he sees her asleep on the couch. He smiles. He walks towards the couch and sits on the edge next to her and strokes her hair. He starts to get up.)

Monica: Chandler?

Chandler: Hi sleeping beauty.

(Monica smiles and opens her eyes.)

Chandler: Did you sleep well?

Monica: Yeah I did.

Chandler: Good, I was starting to worry about you.

(They kiss.)

Chandler: Can I get you anything while I'm here?

Monica: Yeah I'm really hungry, could you make me a sandwich or something.

Chandler: Yeah sure, anything for you honey.

(They smile at each other.)

(Chandler makes his way towards the kitchen and starts to make her something to eat.)

(Monica gets up and follows him and stands by the side of the table and watches him.)

Monica: So how was the funeral?

Chandler: It was ok.

Monica: I wish I could have been there.

Chandler: Yeah I know. Phoebe got quite upset…….

Monica: Ohhh.

(She holds her stomach.)

Chandler: What's wrong?

Monica: Come here.

(He goes over to her and she takes his hand and places it on her stomach.)

Monica: (Smiling) Can you feel it?

Chandler: Oh my god is that our baby?

Monica: It sure is.

Chandler: It feels amazing.

Monica: I know, you should feel it from where I am.

(They both laugh.)

Monica: I'm never going to get any sleep now.