The One With the Snake (Part 1)

Written By Deborah

This is my second fanfic, it continues after The One Where Everything Happens, I suggest that you read that one before you start to read this one. Please send me any comments about this Fanfic, I'd love to know what you think of it. Here's what happened so far - In the last one Chandler found out that Monica was pregnant and they got engaged. In this Fanfic Monica is now about 4 months pregnant and Ross still hasn't got a job. Anyway lets start this Fanfic...

Please note I do not own these charcters, they are owned by Bright Kauffman Crane Productions and Warner Bros.

[Central Perk- Everyone is there except Ross]

Chandler: Well I've nearly finished all my packing now.

Joey: And I've still not found a new roommate yet. I don't know how I'm going to afford that place on my own, I'm going to miss you so much buddy.

Chandler: You mean you're going to miss my money.

Joey: Well...And that too.

Rachel: I still can't find anywhere either.

Monica: There's no rush to move out yet honey you know, just make sure you've found somewhere by the time the baby comes.

Rachel: Thanks.

Joey: Hey Rach! You can move in with me.

Rachel: You know what Joe...I'd rather live on my own.

Joey: Well you know where I am if you need me. (He winks at Rachel)

Phoebe: How many people have been round to have a look at the place.

Joey: Two! But they were both boring.

Chandler: If you want a new roommate you're going to have stop being so picky.

Joey: I know but I need someone who likes Baywatch.

Monica: But you might be waiting forever though.

(Ross enters)

All: Hi Ross.

Ross: Hey you guys.

(Ross sits down next to Monica)

Monica: So did you find a new job?

Ross: No. I couldn't find anything.

Chandler: You'll find something eventually

Ross: I don't know.

Rachel: Of course you will. Just keep looking and you'll find something.

Monica: I'd better be going.

Chandler: Where?

Monica: I'm only going to book an appointment for an ultrasound.

Chandler: Well I'm coming too.

Monica: I'm only booking an appointment.

Chandler: So... I still want to be there. I'm going to be there for everything and I don't want to miss anything.

Monica: Ok, if you want to.

Chandler: Of course. And maybe after we've been we can do a bit of shopping for some baby stuff.

Monica: Ok, that'll be great.

Chandler: See you guys later.

Monica: Bye.

Rest of the gang: Bye.

[Monica and Rachel's (And now Chandler's)]

(Few days later, Chandler is moving all his stuff into Monica's)

Monica: I hate it when people are moving.

Chandler: Why? Do you not want me to move in?

Monica: Of course I want you to move in sweetie.

(She goes over and kisses him)

Monica: It's just....

Chandler: What?

Monica: Everything is such a mess when people move.

Chandler: It's not going to be like this forever you know. You're going to have to relax a little on this tidiness thing.

Monica: I'm sorry I just can't help it.

Chandler: What you going to do when the baby starts throwing food around the apartment and when there's toys all over the place.

Monica: I guess.

(They hug)

(Monica looks around at all the boxes and starts to pick one up.)

Chandler: What you doing?

Monica: I'm helping you with your stuff.

Chandler: I don't think you should be carrying that in your condition. Come on and sit down.

(He moves her towards the couch and she sits down)

Monica: I'm fine.

Chandler: I know you're fine, but I think you're just doing a bit too much.

Monica: I know what...If I promise to be not so tidy all the time, will you stop having a go at me all the time, 'cause you're starting to really get on my nerves.

Chandler: I'm sorry it's just because I care so much about you and this baby, I just don't want anything to happen to you both, after what happened the other week with the fire I've just been so scared of losing you.

Monica: Awwhh, you're so sweet. Ok I'll try to take it a little easier from now on.

Chandler: Thank you.

(They kiss)

Chandler: You know what I think I need a break from all this un-packing. Why don't we...

(He looks towards Monica's bedroom and they smile at each other)

Monica: Come on then.

(She gets hold of his hand and drags him towards the bedroom)

[Monica, Rachel and Chandler's - A few hours later, everybody is there except Joey]

(Everybody is sat down except for Chandler who's still sorting his stuff out, but most of the boxes have gone now)

Rachel: So Mon, did you get that appointment sorted out?

Monica: Yeah, it's next Wednesday. Chandler don't forget to book some time off work.

Chandler: I'll sort it out tomorrow when I go to work.

Monica: Don't forget!

Chandler: Of course I won't forget. There's no way I'm going to miss seeing our baby for the first time.

(Joey enters)

All: Hi Joe.

Joey: Hey you guys, I've got someone coming round to look at the apartment later.

Phoebe: Is it a man or a woman.

Joey: Man. His name's Daniel, that's all I know. I hope he's nicer than the last two I saw. It's gonna be strange without you being there anymore Chandler.

Chandler: I'm still gonna be right across the hall, it's not as if we're not going to see each other anymore. I've been spending most of my time here anyway the last few months.

Joey: Yeah, I guess.

[Central Perk - Everybody is there except Joey and Phoebe.]

(Joey enters)

Joey: Hey you guys guess what.... I've got a new roommate.

Ross: So Daniel was okay then.

Joey: Yeah, he's really great and he likes Baywatch.

Rachel: What does he do?

Joey: Hey and that's the best bit, he's an animator.

Chandler: Wow, he makes cartoons.

Joey: Yeah isn't it great. It's a lot better than your boring job Chandler.

Ross: It's a lot better than my job.

Rachel: (Looks at Ross) What?

Monica: Ross you don't have a job.

Ross: I know!!!!

Monica: So when's he moving in?

Joey: Tomorrow. He's not really got his own place at the moment, he's staying with some friends. Hey Chandler, can you move the rest of those boxes out of your old room.

Chandler: Yeah sure, I'll go and do it now if you want.

Joey: Thanks, I'll come and help you.

(Joey and Chandler start to leave)

Joey: See you later.

Chandler: Be back soon honey. (He kisses Monica goodbye)

[Monica and Chandler's - The next day.]

(Only Monica and Ross are there, they're both sat on the couch when Chandler comes in from work.)

Ross: Hi.

Monica: Hey sweetie.

Chandler: Hi, how's your day been, hope you've not been working too hard.

Monica: Actually I came home a little early, 'cause I was feeling a little off.

Chandler: Are you ok?

Monica: Yeah I'm ok now.

Chandler: Good.

(He sits down next to her and they kiss)

Monica: Oh did you book that time off work honey.

Chandler: Oh my god, I totally forgot....

Monica: Chandler!!! How could you forget, I've reminded you, like a million times.

(He smiles at her)

Chandler: I'm only kidding. I've got the whole day off.

Monica: Great!

Ross: Will you guys stop talking about work!

Chandler: Sorry, have you still not found anything?

Ross: Do I look as if I've found anything? I've looked everywhere.

Monica: Come on, you'll find something.

Ross: I hope so, I'm sick of not having a job.

Monica: (Looks at her watch) I'd better start putting dinner on.

(Monica starts to get up)

Chandler: Wait.... I know what why don't I make dinner tonight, you relax.

Monica: You sure.

Chandler: Yeah.

Monica: Ok, thanks.

(Chandler gets up and walks towards the kitchen)

(Joey enters)

Chandler: Hi Joe. Has Daniel moved in yet?

Joey: Yeah, he moved in this afternoon. He's just gone to get some more of his stuff. I was wondering if I could invite him over here tonight for dinner, then you could meet him. Is that ok with you Mon?

Monica: Don't know you'll have to ask Chandler he's cooking tonight.

Chandler: I guess so.

Joey: Great. See you guys later.

(Joey leaves)

[Monica and Chandler's - A few hours later]

(Everybody is there except Joey, they are all sat in the living room. Joey enters with Daniel)

Joey: Hi everyone. This is Daniel my new roommate.

All: Hi.

Daniel: Hello.

Chandler: So you're the animator.

Daniel: Yep.

Joey: (To Daniel) Come and meet everyone.

(Joey takes him towards the living room and they both sit down.)

Joey: Well... This is Chandler and Monica. Chandler used to live with me until he found out that Monica was pregnant.

Daniel: Hi and congratulations by the way.

Chandler & Monica: Thanks.

Joey: This is Ross and that's Rachel.

Daniel: Hi.

Phoebe: Don't forget me!

Joey: Oh.... And this is Phoebe.

Phoebe: Hi Daniel.

Daniel: Hi.

(Phoebe and Daniel both smile at each other.)

Chandler: Well... shall we have dinner.

(A little later)

Daniel: Well thanks for the dinner, it was nice to meet you all. But I better get back to my new apartment, I've got to get up early for work in the morning.

(Daniel starts to walk towards the door.)

All: Bye.

Phoebe: Hey wait I'll walk back with you.

Monica: But Phoebe, he only lives...

Phoebe: Shhh.

(Phoebe and Daniel both leave together.)

Rachel: What's that all about?

(About ten minutes later, Phoebe enters)

Rachel: What you smiling at Pheebs?

Phoebe: Oh nothing...

Ross: What's going on Phoebe?

Phoebe: We just kissed. (Points towards the door)

Monica: Wow Phoebe, that was quick.

Phoebe: I know!!!

Chandler: So what's happening with you guys now then?

Phoebe: Well tomorrow night he's taking me out for dinner. He's really nice, the first time I saw him I knew something was going to happen between us.

Rachel: You've only known each other for a few hours as well.

Ross: It's really late I think I'd better go.

Phoebe: Okay, I'll walk down with you.

(Ross and Phoebe put their coats on and start to leave)

Ross & Phoebe: Bye.

Rest of the gang: Bye.

Rachel: I'd better go to bed too, I've got to get up early for work tomorrow. Good night.

Chandler and Monica: Good night.

(Rachel goes to her room)

(Chandler and Monica look at Joey who's fallen asleep on the chair.)

Chandler: I suppose I'd better get him back to his apartment.

Monica: Yeah. I'll just go and get ready for bed.

Chandler: Okay.

(Chandler gets up and goes over to Joey and starts shaking him.)

Chandler: Joey!!!

Joey: Hmmm.

Chandler: Don't you think it's time you went home, everybody else has gone.

(Joey opens his eyes and looks at his watch)

Joey: Yeah, I suppose I'd better go. See you tomorrow.

(Joey leaves)

(Monica enters)

Monica: Has he gone?

Chandler: Sure has.

(They walk to each other and put their arms around each other)

Chandler: Well I suppose we'd better go to bed too.

Monica: Yeah.

(They both kiss and make their way to their bedroom)

[Joey's Apartment - about 3:00am.]

(Joey's asleep in his bed, he's mumbling something in his sleep and has a smile on his face- he's dreaming about something. We can see that something unusual is on his face. He opens his eyes and sees that he is not the only one in his bed, and screams.)

[Monica and Chandler's - about 3:00am]

(Monica and Chandler are fast asleep in bed. Suddenly there's a scream and they both wake up.)

Monica: Chandler? What was that?

Chandler: Hmmm….

(He's still half asleep)

(Monica shakes him)

Monica: Chandler?

(He opens his eyes)

Chandler: What?

(There are more screams)

Monica: Did you hear that?

Chandler: Sounds like it came from Joey's.

(They both get of bed and but on their dressing gowns on. They make their way to Joey's apartment.)

[Joey's Apartment]

(Chandler and Monica enter)

Joey: (From in the bedroom) Get it off me.

(Monica and Chandler look at each other with puzzled expressions on their faces. They start to walk towards Joey's bedroom.)

(Daniel comes out of his bedroom.)

Chandler: (To Daniel) What's going on in there?

Daniel: Don't know.

(They all enter Joey's bedroom and see him jumping about and shouting.)

Joey: (Shouting) Quick get it off me!!!

Chandler: What's up?

Joey: (Pointing on the ground) It's there, it's there.

(Monica, Chandler and Daniel walk over to the spot Joey is pointing at.)

Joey: Just get rid of it.

Chandler: Oh my god…It's a snake.

(Monica moves over towards the door, staying well away from it.)

Monica: Don't bring it anywhere near me.

Daniel: Oh it's ok, it's only Rob.

Chandler: Rob?

Daniel: Yeah, it's my pet snake.

Joey: You didn't tell me about this when you came around to look at the apartment.

Daniel: Sorry, I must have forgot.

Joey: Well just move it out of my bedroom.

Daniel: Ok, I'm sorry.

(Daniel goes over and picks the snake up.)

Daniel: (To the snake) Come on let's get you back to your home.

(Daniel takes the snake back to his room)

Chandler: You never told me that you were afraid of snakes.

Joey: Well I didn't think you would need to know.

(Monica starts to laugh)

Joey: What's so funny Monica?

Monica: You being afraid of snakes.

Joey: Well you didn't like it either.

Monica: That's different.

Joey: How exactly?

Monica: I'm a girl though, guys aren't meant to be afraid of stuff like that.

Joey: Well I am ok, that's why I never told you guys. Anyway I'm going back to bed now, I don't think I'll get much sleep though now.

[Wednesday - Chandler and Monica's]

(Everybody except Phoebe and Joey and there. Everybody is sat round the TV watching video of Monica's ultrasound from earlier in the day.)

Monica: See and there's it's head and it's arms.

Chandler: And look there's its legs.

Rachel: It's so small.

Ross: It's just like Ben's ultrasound really.

Rachel: You guys are going to be great parents.

Monica: Thanks.

(Chandler puts his hand on Monica's stomach, smiles at her and then kisses her.)

(Joey enters and doesn't look too happy.)

Joey: I can't believe he's done this.

Chandler: What's up Joe?

Joey: He's only gone away for a few days and left the snake with me to look after.

Chandler: Oh.

Monica: Where's he gone?

Joey: He left a note saying that he's gone away with Phoebe for a few days.

Rachel: And she never came over to tell us she was going away, she must be really into this guy.

Joey: What am I going to do about the snake, please will one of you look after it.

Ross: Awwwhh, what's the matter are you frightened of a little snake.

(They all laugh except Joey)

(Joey gives Ross a look and they all stop laughing.)

Joey: Come on please, someone help me out. (He looks at Chandler.) Chandler?

Monica: (To Chandler.) There is no way I'm having that snake in this apartment.

Chandler: I guess that's a no.

Joey: (To Ross.) Ross, please?

Ross: Sorry I haven't got time to look after a snake.

Joey: What do you mean 'you haven't got time' you don't even have a job.

Ross: Exactly, I haven't got time because……I've got to look for a job. (Ross smiles)

Joey: Fine then…I'll have to do it myself.

(Joey leaves and then comes back.)

Joey: Just wait until you all want something doing, don't expect any help from me.

(Joey leaves again)

Rachel: That was a bit mean you guys.

[Morning of the following day - Chandler and Monica's Apartment]

(Chandler and Monica are sat at the table eating breakfast.)

Monica: You'd better hurry up honey, you're going to be late for work. I told you, we shouldn't have stayed in bed for an extra half hour.

Chandler: I know but it was worth it.

(He gets up and kisses Monica. And then goes into the bathroom.)

(Joey enters.)

Joey: (Shouting) Chandler?

Monica: Hi Joe.

Joey: Hey, where's Chandler?

Monica: (Points to the bathroom) In there.

(Joey runs over to the bathroom and starts banging on the door.)

Joey: Chandler, get out here quick.

Chandler: (From in the bathroom) What? If it's to do with the snake I don't want to know.

Joey: Just get out here Chandler, something's happened.

(Chandler opens the bathroom door.)

Chandler: What's wrong?

Joey: It's the chicken.

Chandler: What about it?

Joey: It's gone missing.

Continuation coming soon……