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Matt LeBlanc

Date of birth (location)
25 July 1967,
Newton, Massachusetts, USA

Sometimes Credited As:
Matthew Le Blanc
Matthew LeBlanc

5' 11"

Mini biography
Matt Le Blanc was born in Massachusetts in 1967, where he lived with his mother. He attnended a technical vocation high school and specialized in carpentry (remember Joey doing some carpentry in TOW Frank Jr!?!). At age 18 he moved to Florida to live with his father, but a few years later he found himself on a plane up to New York. Soon after he became a model, in some TV commercils for Levi Jeans and Coke. By 1989 he had moved to Hollywood where he found work quickly in several short-lived TV series. He eventually auditioned for the part of Joey Tribbiani, and the rest is history...


(2000) Named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine.

(November 1998) Engaged to Melissa McKnight.

Also works as a model. Is an educated carpenter. Interested in parachute jumping, car racing and landscape photographing.

(1985) Graduated from Newton North High School.

Born at 4:18am-EDT

Melissa McKnight (May 3rd, 2003- present)




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