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Posted Jan 2012:
While I admittedly haven't updated this site in awhile, I still have always paid the cost of hosting for the past 8 or 9 years. Last month I just couldn't justify the cost of the site for the amount I use it for. It was actually suspended for a week before I changed my mind and payed the bill at the last minute.

I've thought perhaps I could ask for small donations and/or accepting advertisements.

I would graciously appreciate any amount from someone who likes the website and would like to see it remain here for awhile longer. I understand times are tough (obviously) so I don't expect a lot.

Who knows, if I see interest maybe I'll find the time to redo the site. Friends has been sparking my interest lately; I've been catching late night reruns have loving it :)

- Nikki

Please be sure to email me if you donate so I can thank you.

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