Last Episode of Friends May 6th!
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Highlights for Season Eight.

This is the highlights for Season Eights in Friends. This section is almost complete. All I have to add is the screen caps.

Here is the funniest, sadest, and best epsiode quotes in Season Eight. Also remeber, I think I'm the only one who does this, as far as I know, so I'm not copying someone elses work. I've made this and it took a very long time for all these. The only sources I have used for it are the scripts for exact quotes. Hope you enjoy it!


Funniest Episode in Season Eight- The One With The Rumor

Will: Look at her standing there with those yams! My two greatest enemies Ross, Rachel Green and complex carbohydrates.

Will: We started a rumor.
Rachel: What rumor?
Phoebe: Oh, come on Will! Just take off your shirt and tell us!
Rachel: Ross!
Ross: It was no big deal. We-we…said that the rumor was…that umm…you had both…male and female reproductive parts.
Rachel: What?!
Will: That’s right! We said your parents flipped a coin, decided to raise you as a girl, but you still had a hint of a penis.
Rachel: (shocked) Oh my God!
Monica: You started that?!
Rachel: What?! You heard that?!
Monica: Everyone at our school heard it!
Chandler: Everybody at my school heard it! You were the hermaphrodite cheerleader from Long Island?!
Rachel: Monica, how come you never told me this?!
Monica: I thought it might be true. And I was afraid that you were gonna cry and then show it to me.


Sadest Episode in Season Eight- The Where Joey Tells Rachel

Joey: There’s this woman, that I like. A lot. Well, it’s complicated. She’s with this other guy. For a long time. And I could never do that to the guy, y’know? ’Ccause we’re really good friends.
Ross: So, uh, this guy, she used to go out with, is, uh… is he a good guy?
Joey: Yeah, he’s the best.
Ross: Then talk to him! He might be fine with it.
Joey: Oh, I don’t know.
Ross: Joey, it’s worth finding out. I mean, if you really like her.
Joey: I do! So much! I can’t stop thinking about her! I can’t sleep, I—
Ross: Okay, Joey, you know what? You have to go for it. How often does this happen to you, huh? You owe it to yourself. (Walks towards the door until…)
Joey: It’s Rachel.

Ross: Oh y’know, I still—I can’t believe it. Joey and Rachel I mean it’s… It’s like you and me going out, only weirder!
Monica: All right, I know you’re hurting, and I want to be supportive, but don’t say that again.
Ross: Oh my God! What if, what if they get married? Then he’d be the stepfather of my child.
Monica: Honey, I don’t think that’s something we need to worry about! First of all he’s never gonna tell her how he feels about her. And even if he did you have no idea how she’d react.
Ross: Sure, because women never like Joey. Y’know, I think he’s a virgin.

Joey: Uh… How long have we known each other?
Rachel: Um, seven…e-e-eight, eight years. Wow.
Joey: Uh-huh, long time.
Rachel: Yeah.
Joey: But over the past few weeks…
(A waiter runs over interrupting Joey.)
Waiter: Hah, sorry about the wait, but it is mega-jammed in here! We have a couple specials tonight…
Joey: Actually uh, could you give us a second?
Waiter: Sure. Sure. (Turns away, then turns back) Second’s up! (Joey glares at him.) Not…that kind of table. (He walks away.)
Rachel: So you were saying?
Joey: I’m not quite sure.
Rachel: Okay, well you had asked me how long we had known each other, and I said, "Eight years." And the um, waiter came over and cut his tip in half, and umm…now here we are.
Joey: Yeah, here we are. Uhh… I… I think I’m…falling in love with you.
Rachel: (stunned) What?
Joey: I’m falling in love with you.
Rachel: (looking around) Who are you talking too? Oh, you’re kidding! Oh, it’s a joke! (Laughs.) It’s funny. It’s funny. I don’t get it. (Joey doesn’t say any thing and Rachel realizes it’s not a joke.) Oh. (Pause) Okay. Umm… I-I…uh, wow. Are you uh… How did umm… When?
Joey: Does it really matter?
Rachel: Wow! Wow. Wow. Wow, it is hot in here.
Joey: Okay look Rach, I know this is a lot. You don’t have to say anything. You-you uh, you take as much time as you need. (Long pause as Rachel says nothing.) Okay, you gotta say something!
Rachel: Joey, Joey I love you so much, but I…
Joey: But. (Hangs his head down.)

Best Episode in Season Eight- The One Where Rachel Has A Baby

Monica: Umm, this is going to be fun. Watch me freak out Chandler. Honey?
Chandler: Yeah?
Monica: Listen uh, I-I’ve been doing some thinking, and I don’t know whether it’s because we’re here or Rachel’s giving birth but umm, I think we should try to have a baby.
Chandler: Okay.
Monica: (freaking out) What-what-what’s that now?!
Chandler: Okay. I’ve been thinking about it too, and I, I think we’re ready.
Monica: What?! Are you kidding me?! You-you-you think we’re ready to have a baby now?!
Phoebe: Oh, this is fun.
Joey: You’re ready to have a baby? My boy’s all grown up!

Mrs. Geller: I brought something that I want to give you, assuming of course that you want it. (She holds up an engagement ring.)
Ross: Ma, you’re asking me to marry you?
Mrs. Geller: This is your grandmother’s engagement ring, I want you to give it to Rachel.
Ross: Mom no, come on! Thank you.
Mrs. Geller: Just hear me out!
Ross: N-no! Okay? We’ve been through this! We’re not gonna get married just because she’s pregnant, okay?
Mrs. Geller: Honestly! Ross, this isn’t just some girl you picked up in a bar and humped. A child should have a family.
Ross: Mom, y’know what? I-I can’t deal with this right now. I’m sorry…
Mrs. Geller: Just…think about it. If you don’t, I’ll talk more about humping.
Ross: Gimmie!

Monica: Does that sound like Janice?
Chandler: If it’s not, then there’s two of them. And that would mean it’s the end of the world!

(Rachel starts crying again.)
Monica: What’s the matter?
Rachel: Oh nothing I… Sorry, I just can’t stop crying.
Ross: The doctor says it’s completely normal with all the hormones. Plus, you-you’re sleep deprived.
Rachel: So? You guys are all sleep deprived. I don’t see you weeping because you put your slippers on the wrong feet. Oh God. (Starts to cry harder.)
Joey: What’s the matter now?
Rachel: I was reliving it.

Joey: Hey. I just saw a woman breast feeding both of her twins at the same time; it is like a freak show up here. (Notices she’s wiping her eyes.) What’s the matter?
Rachel: Nothing.
Joey: What is it? Hey!
Rachel: Really it’s nothing. I’m just…
Joey: Rach come on, what?
Rachel: I’ve just been thinking about how my baby and I are gonna be all alone.
Joey: What are you talking about alone? What about Ross?
Rachel: Oh please, he’ll be with his real family, the twins and little miss new boobs.
Joey: Okay, how long was I watching that woman?
Rachel: I’m just saying that y’know, someday Ross is gonna meet somebody and…he’s gonna have his own life. Right?
Joey: Yeah, I guess so.
Rachel: I just never thought I would raise this baby all by myself. Pretty dumb huh?
Joey: Hey, listen to me, listen to me…you are never ever gonna be alone. Okay? I promise that’s not gonna happen.
Rachel: Joey. Honey what would I do without you?
(They hug.)
Joey: You don’t have to worry about that okay?
Rachel: Oh, hon can you grab me my other box of tissues? They’re right on that chair under Ross’s coat.
Joey: Sure.
Rachel: Okay.
(He moves Ross’s coat to get the tissues and the engagement ring box Mrs. Geller gave him falls out of the pocket it was inside. Joey goes to one knee, picks up the box, opens it, and sees that it’s an engagement ring.)
Joey: My God.
Rachel: Joey.
(He turns to face Rachel on one knee with the box open.)
Rachel: (seeing the ring) Oh my God. (Pause) Okay.
(Joey is stunned.)
(Then we see Ross is carrying a bouquet of flowers and walking down the hall to Rachel’s room).

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