Last Episode of Friends May 6th!
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Season Six Highlights

This is the highlights for Season Six in Friends. This section is not yet complete. I will soon have screen caps and more quotes from season 6.

Joey: (reads it) Oh, I can’t believe this! This sucks! When I had insurance I could get hit by a bus or catch on fire, y’know? And it wouldn’t matter. Now I gotta be careful?!

Chandler: I’m sorry man, there’s never a good time to (pauses) stop catching on fire.

Joey: All right well, I guess I gotta go get a job. I’m gonna go see my agent.

Chandler: Okay, make sure you look both ways before you cross the street.

Joey: (mocks him, in a whiney voice) …look both ways before you cross the street. (Turns and walks headlong into the closed door.)

Please note this isn't evn close to being done. I still have a lot to add on this one.

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